OEM custom ABS aftermarket fender flares

Fender flares are quite popular in auto aftermarket industry. Trucks and SUV owner often install custom built fender extension. There various types of designs, colors, surface textures to match the original vehicle and customers’ need. They are designed to perfectly fit the wheel and match the auto body lines. They promote both functionality and aesthetics.

Manufacturing fender flares with thick-gauge vacuum forming

Most of the fender flares are designed by third-part companies, other than auto makers. There several styles, like OE style, Street style, Bolt style and Extended Styles. Many designs are produced by thick-gauge plastic vacuum forming or thermoforming technology. Although some are produced by plastic injection, they are not as beautiful and strong as those vacuum formed fender flares.

MDE Plastics are able to produce custom fender flares in short lead time, based on clients’ design. Fender flares vacuum forming tooling cost is much lower than plastic injection tooling. We provide custom OEM manufacturing fender extensions for a wide range of auto fitments, such as for Chevy SILVERADO, Dodge RAM, Ford RANGER, GMC SIERRA, Jeep WRANGLER, NISSAN FRONTIER, TOYOTA FJ CRUISER, TACOMA, TUNDRA and so on.

Fender flares brands normally would choose ABS material to produce. ABS sheets are easy to produce various types of surface effects, smooth, texture, high gloss or matte. Therefore, we can offer quite a lot surface fender flares options for custom production.

Benefits and features of fender flares

  1. Seamlessly fit to truck lines, adding a premium look to auto;
  2. Durable ABS material, protecting from rocks and mud;
  3. Maximum tire coverage, protection and decoration;
  4. UV-stable material, keeping in good shape, away from fading and cracking.

Q&A about ABS aftermarket fender flares

OEM custom ABS aftermarket fender flares
OEM custom ABS aftermarket fender flares