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MDE plastics Company supplies MS plastic sheet. MS sheet is extruded with 50% PMMA and 50% PS material to create a new type of acrylic sheets. They have a good transparency, while less expensive than PMMA acrylic sheets. They have better mechanical performance than PS plastic sheets. We wholesale bulk sheets with normal big size, and we also provide cut-to-size service. Besides, we can lase cut, bend, print, polish, assembly and bond acrylic projects. You are welcome to contact us with your specifications and ideas.

MS plastic sheet

Thickness range: 1-8mm Size: 1.22×2.44m
Color Available: transparent, black transparent, grey transparent or others
Custom Fabrication: Cut-to-Size, CNC Routing, UV Printing, Screen Printing, Laser Cutting, Edge Polishing, Assembly, Bonding and etc.

Plastic Sheet
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