Custom Acrylic Fabrication Service

China MDE Plastics Company, provides a variety of high-quality custom acrylic fabrication service, at a very competitive price. We specialize in cut to size acrylic sheets machining.

Acrylic plastic sheet has great mechanical performance, quite suitable for machining and processing. This make it a excellent choice in various applications.

We have served a lot of industries as such cosmetic display, holders, POP displays, sign making, construction shield, lighting covers, aquarium, sneeze guard, desk dividers, counter barriers. Let our engineers work with you to get perfect acrylic products. We have quite abundant experience in working with clients from supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, and so on.  

Why choose acrylic sheets?

Light-weighted, with high transparency, acrylic sheets are great alternative to glasses in many fields. If we need a transparent shield or display structure, acrylic has gradually replaced glass sheets. And compared with glass, acrylic sheets are more easy to fabricate and machining.

How to fabricate acrylic sheets?

Acrylic fabrication process usually include cutting, bending, forming, polishing, printing.

  1. We usually cutting PMMA sheet with saber saws, table saws, CNC machine to require sizes and shapes.
  2. For many cases, bending the cut sheets is necessary. Heat acrylic sheet with a electric resistance wire along the line, which needs bending.
  3. Sometimes, thermoforming a PMMA sheet to a desired shape is required, such like a dome, a container and etc. In the process, we would need a vacuum forming machine, which has precise temperature control system.
  4. Polishing edges of acrylic sheet would need hydrogen torch. It shines the edges.
  5. Acrylic sheet has good adhesion to printing ink, quite suitable to silk screen printing, UV printing.

Acrylic processing techniques

We offer multiple processing methods, including Cut-to-Size, CNC Routing, UV Printing, Screen Printing, Laser Cutting, Line Bending, Edge Polishing, Assembly, Bonding and etc.

CNC routing
laser cutting

Acrylic Plastic Fabrication Applications

Many fields and applications can be used with acrylic sheet fabrication processing, like:

  • Acrylic display cabinet for goods in supermarket
  • Exhibition PMMA shelf case cover in museum
  • Plexiglass LED lighting case cover for home use or commercial use
  • Crystal advertisement luminous acrylic signage
  • PMMA photo frame or display
  • Thick-gauge acrylic aquariums walls or windows
  • Health barriers on counter, or restaurant dining hall
  • PMMA name card containing box

We offer comprehensive acrylic fabrication service, from single prototypes, low-volume orders to high-volume orders, with competitive price, high quality and fast delivery.

Do not hesitate to come to us with your cad drawing, or rough idea and concepts, we shall provide professional advise and high-end products.

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